Chinese Technology Helps Solving Jakarta Asian Games Traveling Issues

People’s Daily, Beijing July 20th Electronic August 18th

The 18th Asian Games will soon open in Jakarta. Although varies preparations for the Games are ready, but the traffic congestion in the city remains a server challenge.

Recently, the distributed smart map (GoWithMi), which researched and developed by the Chinese technology team, announced their cooperation with Krisna investment group, the biggest IT service provider Indonesia. They became a strategic partner and planned to push out the Asian Games version of the distributed smart map GoWithMi on August 10th, jointly providing the real-time travel map services for the Jakarta Asian Games


Jakarta currently has approximately 28 million population. The motorcycle is the most common traveling tool for the public, and they spend an average of 384 hours a year on travel, congestion is a normal phenomenon. On the other hand, as a global popular tourist destination, Indonesia attracts more than millions of foreign tourists each month. During the Asian Games, the mass number of athletes, audiences, and tourists flocked in, you can imagine the traffic pressure we were under.

To help Indonesia to improve its traffic capacity during the Asian Games, GoWithMi provided real scene 3D map for the Asian Games venues and live broadcast services, covering three main parks of the Asian Games and 50 other venues. Under the guidance of GoWithMi, foreign tourists with language barriers can access their according venue without any boundaries.

At the same time, GoWithMi responds to the problem of travel congestion in a comprehensive economic way, which is to encourage real-time data contributions from all users and jointly solve the traffic issues. The logic behind GoWithMi is to use the blockchain technology and gamification interferes jointly create a real-time map through the blockchain incentive system, integrating map, games, and the real-world space to make the map more fun. Implement the sharing and mutual assistance concept“me for everyone, everyone for me” objectively can largely benefit the traveling of local Jakarta civiliansand decentralized sharing business ecology infrastructure.

Currently, GoWithMi is the only globalize infrastructure map service provider operating in Indonesia. The beta version of GoWithMilaunched in last year October, and its official version launched in this March, we achieved over 1 million users within three months after it launched. Indonesia became the first country to adopt the application blockchain map and assisting traffic during the Asian Games